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Fellow book lovers wanted!
All book lovers in the community will be meeting at city hall at the end of next month.
You are very welcome to join us!

Collectors are happy people

I am an avid collector of books. It all started with reading itself. Then came my love of books.

The pleasure of turning the pages. The scent of a book that has waited an age for me in a second-hand bookshop. Tracking down books that I have always wanted to own. At auctions. At book markets. In second-hand bookshops. And now online too of course.

Tracking down books is half the pleasure

The one book that you have been longing to hold in your own hands for years affects whole parts of your life.

Tracking it down is almost more of a pleasure than the actual careful reading itself. It is often coincidence that leads to the most precious collectors items not that books can have a price put on them. The sentimental value is far more important.

If you are as crazy about books as I am and passionate about collecting them, you have come to the right place.

My passion: collecting books

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